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Music Funding

Music Matters in Auburn/Opelika

The Sound Wall Music Initiative promotes and celebrates the art of music in the Auburn/Opelika community.
We work to enhance our community through music education and artist development, as well as providing funding for local musicians and schools.

Artist/Musician Grants

Artist and musician grants provide opportunities to enrich the careers of aspiring artists and musicians. Funding opportunities include recording/video needs, songwriter’s workshops or
retreats, music equipment or even travel expenses.

School Grants

School grants are designed to bridge the gap between State or PTO funding and the many requirements to run a successful music program. Funding can cover musical instruments, stage
or sound equipment, guest performers, or more. We work to provide grants for anything that makes music programs more exciting and beneficial for the next generation of musicians.

Student Scholarship

Student scholarships can be used to fund music or songwriting lessons, instruments, equipment, recording sessions, or any learning opportunities that will aid in developing an
aspiring musician’s craft or talent.

Funding for these initiatives is generated through the generous donations of individuals like you!

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